Travertine Marble

Travertine is the name of a marble rock formed by deposits of calcium carbonate. Water tanks along with other conditions, give rise to the travertine. The composition of calcite, aragonite and limonite in parallel layers with small cavities of different shades and give it a translucent, soft and elegan

Its use as ornamental stone has been going on since ancient Rome, where many of its buildings (churches and monuments) used this material. Today travertine remains one of the most used materials in construction

Its qualities include the elegance of its grain, its neutral hue, the natural integration and distinction that accompany any natural stone. All these conditions endow travertine versatility, making it perfectly integrates both modern and vanguard or in more conservative.

Travertine Haya
Classic Travertine Romano
Travertine Type "T"
Classic Travertine Flavio
Travertine Navona
Travertine Romano Cut Law
Travertine Silver
Travertine Night
Travertine Rómulo

Travertine Flavio Gold
Travertine Remo

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